The Best SIG P226 E2 Grips

Valerie Sanders
10 min readApr 5, 2024


If you’re a fan of the SIG P226 E2, you’re surely in search of the perfect grips to match its reliability and precision. Look no further as we dived into the market to bring you the best SIG P226 E2 Grips available, all carefully crafted to provide the ultimate comfort and control for your weapon.

The Top 6 Best SIG P226 E2 Grips

  1. AK Featureless Grip for Secure Holds — Upgrade your firearm’s grip with the Vism by NcSTAR AK Featureless Grip featuring thumb rest shelf, mounting tools, and durable black polymer construction.
  2. Versatile Gripper Universal Pistol Slip-On Grip — Pachmayr’s Gripper Slip-On Grip offers the optimal size and fit for a wide variety of pistol designs, featuring non-slip texture, comfortable finger grooves, and molded trim lines for a customized, weather-resistant grip.
  3. Talon Evolution SIG P365-XL Grips: Grip and Texture Optimization — Gain an aggressive yet comfortable grip with the Talon Evo PRO for Sig P365-xl Rbr, featuring a versatile combination of granulate and rubber textures for optimal performance.
  4. Hogue SIG P226 E2 Hellcat Grip for Secure Fit — Experience a snug and secure fit with the Hogue HandALL Beavertail Grip for your Springfield Hellcat OD Green, providing unparalleled grip and durability for your firearm.
  5. Pearce Grip Extension for SIG P365: Enhance Grip and Ergonomics — Pearce Grip Extension Sig P365 enhances your firearm’s usability with a 5/8" gripping surface increase, making it a reliable and dependable upgrade.
  6. Hera USA CQR Gen 2 Tan Tan Front Grip for SIG P226 E2 — Experience ultimate precision and comfort with the Hera CQR Front Grip Gen 2 Tan, made to fit Picatinny and enhancing your SIG P226 E2 shooting experience.

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AK Featureless Grip for Secure Holds


Using this featureless grip on my Hi Point C9, I’ve noticed how it’s specifically designed for firearms that employ pistol grips for featureless builds. The thumb rest shelf feature adds an extra layer of security and control over the firearm, which is a great addition. It also comes with a grip bolt, trunnion, and a useful mounting tool, ensuring a hassle-free installation process.

However, one downside I’ve encountered is the location of the screw tensioning at the bottom of the grip instead of at the top like traditional grips. This could potentially lead to a broken grip if over-tensioned, so I’d recommend using a washer for added protection. The black polymer construction and textured grip provide a comfortable and sturdy hold, making it a reliable choice for your firearm needs.

Versatile Gripper Universal Pistol Slip-On Grip


I recently had the opportunity to try Pachmayr’s Gripper Slip-On Grip for my pistol, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. The universal fit feature made it perfect for my pistol, and the trim lines allowed me to customize it further for an even better fit. The finger grooves offered a comfortable grip, increasing my control over the weapon. The non-slip texture and palm swells ensured a secure and perfect fit, no matter the weather conditions.

One downside was that it wasn’t compatible with pistols featuring grip safeties. However, overall, the Gripper Slip-On Grip was a game-changer in terms of grip security and comfort, especially for those who own Glocks or other polymer frame pistols. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to enhance their pistol’s grip.

Talon Evolution SIG P365-XL Grips: Grip and Texture Optimization


It’s been a game-changer for me when it comes to my Sig P365-XL. With the Pro grips from Talon Evo, I found a newfound comfort and security in handling my gun. The combination of granulate and rubber textures truly makes all the difference.

I initially felt a bit unsure about the texture of the grip being aggressive, but it’s just enough to provide a firm hold without being too harsh. And when I heard that these grips are 100% made in the USA, it only added to my confidence in the product. The application process is straightforward, and the adhesive is thin enough that it doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk.

It’s been a great addition to my daily carry and it’s clear that the Talon Evo grips are here to stay.

Hogue SIG P226 E2 Hellcat Grip for Secure Fit


I recently had the opportunity to try out the Hogue HandALL Slip On Rubber Grip Sleeves for a Springfield Hellcat, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer. First, the grip provides an amazingly secure fit on my Hellcat, which is essential for my daily carry. The elastomer rubber with a Cobblestone grip pattern gives a sense of confidence and control that was previously lacking.

Installing the HandALL Grip Sleeves, however, wasn’t the smoothest process. I had to slightly warm the sleeve with a hair dryer to soften it, making it easier to slip onto my gun. But overall, it’s been an enjoyable experience so far. The grip feels more comfortable and secure in my hands, which is crucial for quick draws and accurate shooting. Highly recommend the Hogue HandALL Slip On Rubber Grip Sleeves!

Pearce Grip Extension for SIG P365: Enhance Grip and Ergonomics


I recently stumbled upon Pearce Grips, the perfect solution for my SIG P365 handgun. The grip extension seamlessly replaces the base plate, and it does not alter the magazine capacity. What really blew me away was the extra 5/8 inch of gripping surface and the enhanced ergonomics. The black color looks sharp on the gun, and the solid build quality is a reassuring touch.

The Pearce Grip Extension was made for people with larger hands, and it feels like a custom fit. The addition to the magazine provides a proper 3 finger gripping surface, making shooting more comfortable and accurate. The fit is tight, ensuring no wobble or room for error. I appreciate that the material is durable and holds up well with regular use at the range.

Some reviewers have mentioned that the price might seem a bit steep for what is essentially a plastic piece, but I disagree. The cost reflects the high quality components and precision manufacturing that Pearce Grips takes pride in. It’s not just a small plastic piece; it’s a valuable upgrade to a firearm.

In conclusion, my experience with the Pearce Grip Extension for the SIG P365 has been nothing short of positive. The product has surpassed my expectations, and I look forward to using it for years to come.

Hera USA CQR Gen 2 Tan Tan Front Grip for SIG P226 E2


I’ve had the chance to try out the Hera CQR Front Grip Gen 2 Tan in my daily life. The grip itself felt sturdy and well-designed, making it comfortable to hold onto.

One of the features that stood out was the Tan color, which was an excellent match for my firearm’s aesthetic. However, I noticed that the grip size was more for larger hands than mine, which made it a bit challenging to fit comfortably at times.

Overall, it’s a solid grip option for those with larger hands looking for a reliable tan grip.

Buyer’s Guide

The SIG P226 E2 grip is a crucial component for enhancing the user’s comfort and hold on the firearm. As part of your search for the perfect grip, this buyer’s guide will provide valuable information on essential features, considerations, and advice for SIG P226 E2 grips.

Important Features

  • Material: High-quality grips are usually made from materials like hard polymer, rubber, or synthetic materials. These materials offer a good balance between grip and durability.
  • Texturing: Grips with an aggressive texturing pattern provide a secure hold, even when hands are wet or under stress. Look for grips with ergonomic designs that fit your hands perfectly.
  • Size & Weight: Ensure the grip provides a comfortable fit without compromising the overall weight balance of the firearm. Grips that are too bulky or heavy can impact the firearm’s handling and accuracy.


  • Comfort: Comfort is a critical factor when choosing a grip, especially if you plan on using the firearm regularly. Ensure that the grip’s size, shape, and texture fit your hand well.
  • Durability: A good grip should be able to withstand rigorous use without breaking, peeling, or losing its texture. Choose grips made from high-quality materials and a durable manufacturing process.
  • Price: Consider your budget when shopping for your grip. While premium grips offer higher durability and comfort, budget-friendly options can still provide a solid performance.

General Advice

It’s essential to try on a grip before purchasing. Make sure it feels comfortable in your hand and delivers the necessary grip without causing excessive strain on your hands or wrist.

Additionally, research the grip’s design, warranty, and manufacturer reputation before making a final decision.

Remember that a good grip doesn’t just improve your firearm’s performance; it also enhances your personal safety when shooting.

As a well-informed buyer, you’re now prepared to find the perfect SIG P226 E2 grip for your needs. With an understanding of the important features, considerations, and advice for choosing the right grip, you can make an informed decision on the best grip for your firearm.



Why should I replace the SIG P226 E2 Grips?

Replacing the default SIG P226 E2 Grips can enhance the user’s experience in terms of grip, comfort, and control. Custom grips can better suit individual preferences, provide a more secure hold on the gun, and even improve recoil management.

What materials can SIG P226 E2 Grips be made from?


Grips for SIG P226 E2 can be made from various materials, such as rubber, plastic, or wood. Some grip manufacturers also offer custom-molded grips made from materials like Hogue Tamer grips or DPS grips, which provide a more personalized fit and grip texture.

Are aftermarket SIG P226 E2 Grips durable?

Yes, aftermarket SIG P226 E2 Grips are generally made from high-quality materials that are durable and resistant to wear and tear. Some grip manufacturers also offer limited warranties or guarantee satisfaction with their products.

How do I choose the right SIG P226 E2 Grips for my hand size and shoot style?

When selecting SIG P226 E2 Grips, consider the following factors: — Your hand size and grip circumference: Select grips that fit comfortably in your hand and offer a good grip. — Shooting style: If you have a specific firing style, such as a thumb-forward grip or a modified pistol grip, look for grips that cater to your preference. — Grip texture: Some shooters prefer a more aggressive grip texture, while others prefer a smoother texture. Choose a grip that feels comfortable to you.


What is the installation process for SIG P226 E2 Grips?

Installing SIG P226 E2 Grips is generally a simple process. You will need to remove the old grips and any adhesive residue before installing the new ones. Some grip manufacturers provide detailed installation instructions, so it’s essential to follow their guidelines for a proper fit and optimal performance.

Can I customize my SIG P226 E2 Grips?

Yes, you can customize your SIG P226 E2 Grips by selecting from various grip styles, colors, and textures available from the market. Some grip manufacturers also offer custom-molded grips that are tailored to fit your hand shape and grip preferences.

What grips are specifically designed for SIG P226 E2?


There are several grip manufacturers that develop grips specifically for SIG P226 E2, such as Hogue, Grizzly, and VZ Grips. These custom grips are designed to offer a better fit, improved grip, and a more personalized feel for the shooter.

What is the cost of SIG P226 E2 Grips?

The cost of SIG P226 E2 Grips varies depending on the material, texture, and manufacturer. Generally, aftermarket grips range from around $20 to $80, but prices can be higher for premium, custom-molded options.

Do I need to use special adhesive or tools to install SIG P226 E2 Grips?

No, you do not need to use special adhesive or tools to install most SIG P226 E2 Grips. Most grip manufacturers provide instructions that can be completed with everyday household items. However, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure a proper fit and optimal performance.